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CAD/CAM software for crochet and warp knitting machines

mymueknit is a CAD/CAM software for the creation of pattern drafts and for the automatic programming of COMEZ and Jakob Müller crochet and warp knitting machines. This solution offers a user-friendly patterning process and an internal archives of movements for all knitting machines, it allows the automatic calculation of the yarn consumption and grants the access to an extensive online library of sample setup charts.


Patterns from all standard image processing softwares can be imported, along with images from digital cameras and scanners.



Pattern can be created by automatically inserting the weft movements or using available movement archives.


Easy design creation

The software offers a realistic simulation of the end result and the relative yarn consumption calculation.



The automatic verification of the congruity of the movements reduces the time for trials on the machine.


  • Compatible with both COMEZ and Jakob Müller knitting machines
  • Images from digital cameras and scanners can be imported
  • Design and simulation of each type of crochet or warp knitted pattern
  • Creation of the arrangement of the chain links necessary to setup all the mechanical crochet knitting machines
  • Automatic calculation of the yarn consumption that allows a quick estimation of production costs
  • Access to a wide selection of drawings and setup charts


  • Regular updates and introduction of new features
  • Dedicated helpdesk support
  • Training course included with first subscription (online or at Comez facility)
  • Drawings and setup charts can be downloaded from the online library with the initial kit of credits included in each subscription

System requirements

mymueknit can be used on any PC which has a Windows 9X/NT/2000/XP/7/10 operating system. System and hardware configuration are as detailed in the picture.

A – mymueknit: software + manual
B – Central Unit: Intel i3 – 8Gb RAM ‐ 500 Gb hard disk memory, or more
C – Monitor: 17” (recommended: 24”, Full HD)
D – We recommend connection to internet
E – Printer: based on Windows 9X/NT/2000/XP/10, A4 format (recommended: colour, A3 format)
F – Electronic machines are programmed by sending the data through a USB key
G – The chains for all the mechanical crochet knitting machines are programmed printing the arrangement of the chain links

mymueknit scheme
Language Italian, english , spanish, german, french
Operating system Windows 9X/NT/2000/XP/7/10
Compatibility All Comez knitting machines; Jakob Müller knitting machines MDR2 42, MDC, MDK80
Accepted formats mymueknit formats (MMK, DIS), Comez Draw formats (CHN, DIS), MÜCARD2 formats (UPT, XML)